Interdisciplinary Approach to the Scientific Research of the Adriatic Sea (InspireAdriatic 2023)

September 11th to 12th 2023

Venue: Ruđer Bošković Institute, Bijenička cesta 54, Zagreb, Croatia

The symposium “Interdisciplinary Approach to the Scientific Research of the Adriatic Sea” aims to bring together outstanding scientists and experts from Croatia and abroad who are engaged in research of the Adriatic Sea. The main challenges in the research and management of the Adriatic Sea require an interdisciplinary approach, which will be presented at the symposium with lectures from the fields of physics, geology, chemistry, biology and geophysics.

The program of the symposium will include invited lectures by renowned scientists and a series of presentations with an emphasis on young researchers for whom the symposium will be a great opportunity to present their PhD research.

Focusing on research projects, especially those funded by the Croatian Science Foundation, novel and/or state-of-the-art interdisciplinary methodologies and key research directions, the aim of the symposium is to present the current state and challenges in exploring Adriatic Sea, and to stimulate a discussion on the potential need for new research directions necessary for strengthening the protection strategy in the future for the fragile Adriatic Sea.

Adriatic Sea Risks

Unsustainable tourism increase

Coastal pollution & degradation

Poorly managed aquaculture activities


Sea-bottom drilling & oil spills

Invasive species

Climate change

The Adriatic Sea represents a unique marine ecosystem that harbors exceptional biodiversity and is distinguished from the rest of the Mediterranean Sea by its main hydrographic, oceanological and biological features. At the same time, the semi-enclosed Adriatic Sea is a very complex and fragile ecosystem that is extremely sensitive to climate change, pollution, overfishing and other human-induced activities that affect its sustainability.

Because of its extraordinary economic and cultural importance for the Republic of Croatia (more than 5.800 km of coastline, in total), the study of the Adriatic Sea has traditionally attracted great interest from the Croatian scientific community. However, tremendous anthropogenic and natural pressures driven by human activities are affecting all components of the Adriatic marine ecosystems and consequently call for a more systematic interdisciplinary approach, which is necessary to obtain a comprehensive picture of the Adriatic Sea current state as one of the most endangered coastal ecosystems.

The symposium is organized with the aim to facilitate the exchange of experiences and latest scientific knowledge of scientists of various profiles participating, among others, in Croatian Science Foundation national research programmes.

A review of recent research in physics, geology, chemistry, biology, and geophysics conducted in the Adriatic Sea will contribute to evaluation and better understanding of the natural and anthropogenic pressures posed on this fragile ecosystem and identify potential challenges anticipated in the coming period.

The symposium will also provide an opportunity for a critical exchange of views on the strategy of current research in the Adriatic Sea, as well as on the need and possibilities for its improvement and the opening of new research areas. Symposium is also expected to further promote interaction and collaboration among researchers from various scientific disciplines, especially PhD students, for whom this meeting will be a very useful platform to present some of their initial results on this topic.

The roundtable envisioned as part of this symposium, with the participation of experts from academia, government and non-profit organizations, will help raise public awareness of the threats to the Adriatic Sea and the need for its protection and more responsible and sustainable use.

Official language of the symposium: English and Croatian

Registration deadline:

August 11th 2023

Symposium venue:

Ruđer Bošković Institute, Bijenička cesta 54, Zagreb, Croatia




Invited Speakers (IS)

Dr. sc. Zrinka Ljubešić

Dr. sc. Mladen Juračić

Dr. sc. Mirko Orlić

Dr. sc. Melita Peharda Uljević

Dr. sc. Andreja Ramšak

Dr. sc. Hrvoje Mihanović




  • Dr. sc. Ines Sviličić Petrić, Laboratory for environmental microbiology and biotechnology, Division for Marine and Environmental Research, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb
  • Dr. sc. Lorena Perić, Laboratory for aquaculture and pathology of aquatic organisms, Division for Marine and Environmental Research, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb
  • Dr. sc. Vlado Cuculić, Laboratory for physical chemistry of traces, Division for Marine and Environmental Research, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE – Ivana Babić; Sanja Frka; Ana Rapljenović, mag. nutr.; Damir Kapetanović; Dr. sc. Martina Furdek Turk; Dr. sc. Ines Sviličić Petrić; Dr. sc. Lorena Perić; Dr. sc. Vlado Cuculić



Ruđer Bošković Institute

Bijenička cesta 54, Zagreb, Croatia

Hall of the 3rd wing


September 11th to 12th 2023


Thank you for registrations and abstract submissions.