DAY1 (3rd wing) – MONDAY – September 11th 2023

08:30-09:00Registration of participants
09:15-09:30Opening ceremony – IRB director general; Head of Division for Marine and Environmental Research
Session 1: Geological and physico-chemical processes in the Adriatic Sea
09:30-10:00IS1Dr. sc. Mladen Juračić
How and why to organize (and finance!) long-term research in the Adriatic – past experiences and future challenges
10:00-10:15SS1 – Ivica Vilibić
What we know after centurial thermohaline observations in the Adriatic Sea?
10:15-10:30SS2 – Iva Tojčić
Kilometer-scale coupled atmosphere-ocean climate modelling in the Adriatic region
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:30IS2 – Dr. sc. Mirko Orlić
How a distinction was made between open-sea and coastal upwelling in the Middle Adriatic
11:30-11:45SS3 – Jasen R. Jacobsen
Ecosystem response to island trapped waves around the island of Lastovo in an idealized numerical model
11:45-12:00SS4 – Neven Cukrov
Anchialine caves around Krka River estuary
12:00-12:15SS5 – Antonela Blažević
Short-term factory with lasting consequences: Soil contamination and health risk assessment near former factory Jadral
12:15-14:00Lunch break
14:00-14:30IS3 – Dr. sc. Hrvoje Mihanović
Measurements in physical oceanography, an important aspect of interdisciplinary marine research
14:30-14:45SS6 – Marko Kapelj
Ocean bottom seismometers – a new way of researching the seabed in Croatia
14:45-15:00SS7 – Saša Marcinek
Does seasonal differences in organic matter influence copper bioavailability in Krka River estuary?
15:00-15:30Coffee break
15:30-15:45SS8 – Sanja Frka
Variabilities of biochemical properties of the sea surface microlayer: Insights to the atmospheric deposition impacts
15:45-16:00SS9 – Nuša Cukrov
Microplastic in the Adriatic Sea, urban vs remote areas
16:00-16:15SS10 – Marija Parać
Conducted research about microplastics analysis in Krka River estuary and its further prospects

IS = invited speaker

SS = selected speaker

DAY2 (3rd wing) – TUESDAY – September 12th 2023

Session 2: Biological processes in the Adriatic Sea
09:00-09:30IS4 – Dr. sc. Zrinka Ljubešić
Chasing the Holy Grail – representative marine plankton sample – myth or a truth?
09:30-09:45SS11 – Maja Mucko
Fine-scale changes in plankton community in oligotrophic stratified waters of Lastovo Island (Adriatic Sea) during ITW forcings
09:45 -10:00SS12 – Anamarija Kolda
Plastisphere communities profile in marine wracks from central and southern Adriatic
10:00 -10:15SS13 – Sunčica Bosak
Tales of Adriatic sea turtles and their microbial companions
10:15-10:45Coffee break
10:45-11:15IS5 – Melita Peharda Uljević
Sclerochronology research in the Adriatic Sea – what can we learn from bivalve shells?
11:15-11:30SS14 – Petar Kružić
Remote sensing and photogrametry in marine biology – new methods for monitoring corals in the Adriatic Sea
11:30-11:45SS15 – Shannen Smith
Restoration of macroalgal forests in the northern Adriatic Sea
11:45-12:00SS16 – Ines Haberle
Individual condition as an indicator of stock status: composite modelling to support fisheries management
12:00-12:15SS17 – Nina Marn
What can a model tell about a [turtle] species?
12:15-14:00CATERING for participants AND POSTER SESSION
(1st wing)
14:00-14:30IS6 – Andreja Ramšak
Use of nucleic acid-based tools for marine biodiversity monitoring and seafood authenticity
14:30-14:45SS18 – Marija Purgar
Assessing the ability of existing models to predict Vibrio spp. abundance in the Adriatic Sea
14:45-15:00SS19 – Karla Orlić
Seasonal dynamics of Vibrio spp. and occurrence of antibiotic resistance in Eastern Adriatic bivalve aquaculture
15:00-15:15SS20 – Biljana Ječmenica
Presence and genetic diversity of Campylobacter spp. in shellfish from Istria
15:15-15:45Coffee break

IS = invited speaker

SS = selected speaker


  • Dr. sc. Ines Sviličić Petrić, Laboratory for environmental microbiology and biotechnology, Division for Marine and Environmental Research, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb
  • Dr. sc. Lorena Perić, Laboratory for aquaculture and pathology of aquatic organisms, Division for Marine and Environmental Research, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb
  • Dr. sc. Vlado Cuculić, Laboratory for physical chemistry of traces, Division for Marine and Environmental Research, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE – Ivana Babić; Sanja Frka; Ana Rapljenović, mag. nutr.; Damir Kapetanović; Dr. sc. Martina Furdek Turk; Dr. sc. Ines Sviličić Petrić; Dr. sc. Lorena Perić; Dr. sc. Vlado Cuculić



Ruđer Bošković Institute

Bijenička cesta 54, Zagreb, Croatia

Hall of the 3rd wing


September 11th to 12th 2023


Thank you for registrations and abstract submissions.